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For YOU too, my dear C&K

 ..and your first week end in NY, this song (I just discovered Ray LaMontagne and bought the album). BUT, I hope you enjoy Manhattan!

Update. CIMG0236.jpgThanks for that nice picture, I can understand Ray..But, NYC makes me dream, anyway..









021.jpgUpdate. The Manhattan Bridge at dusk -Your beautiful postcard came this morning (the 14th). Yes, a fantastic city, where all nations and cultures are meeting..I was just wondering about my possible life there. Too late, now. I almost lost my little precious life in France, trying to save it from Romania..(I know, I could hurt feelings, but..). Update. (the 16th). Well, I lost here, in this fair France, not in Romania, of course, at least 350.000 Euros representing 13 years. Normally, that is what I would have got, instead of a living wage. "But you chose to live in a generous social system, you take or you leave...".

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