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Programmes européens (2)

Pour des raisons de confidentialité, les coordonnées des partenaires dans ce projet n'y figurent pas, puisqu'il ne s'agit pas de personnes publiques, comme les institutionnels de la CE.

Plus loin, un message personnel en transcription.

"Draga Ketric,

Thank you for your warm supporting! Yesterday, I was very sad and angry, but I tried to do something, because I think it is not fair to let a certain mechanism break us, in a way..
I answered Janin and the partners. But I also did all I can do, as a lambda citizen who is trying hard to believe that he can find his way in this world, and I posted on my blog some little testimonies (mail exchanges): after my last note on Eugen Ionescu, there is an update which sends to the list Cefro, on the right, and there I published that documents. There is just for people see what a lambda citizen can really do and how.
Maybe Claudiu can translate, now, I have to run. I will have a session in September, the results were published, 3 Romanian candidates, I try to prepare it before my leaving for US, I want the session to be a good one, because I understand their effort to have summitted an application, to travel here, to pay more than their grant...

Cu dragoste,

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