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"Dear Carmen,
I’m sorry to hear of the troubles going on now in
I don’t understand it very well, but I hope that things
will turn out such that
Romania will continue to pull her
way out of the mire of a much damaged past.
Best Regards,

"Dear Tom,
Unfortunately, the actual political crisis in Romania merely means corruption and the lack of a real project for the country. The reciprocal accusations do not matter too much. In a word,
the major coalition in the parliament maintains that the president has no style, and the president maintains that he is trying to break the financial oligarches who secretely run Romania..
I came in Romania for Easter because my mother was ill, I returned in France and I came back 48h later, on  April 17, just in time to see her at the hospital. She died on April 18, and I am still here for the funeral and for the complicated steps of the orthodoxe rite - I must respect her wish of observing tradition and I do what is possible for me to do.
But you can imagine that despite of these personal afflicted moments, I plunged into Romanian reality, and I feel like another death - the hope for some concrete evolution, after what you call 'a damaged past'.
Best wishes,

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