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Today, I think of all that people whom I never knew personally, but who are so close. 
 The impression this event made on me is as strong as it was five years ago. When that happend, at 14:46, I was at my work, to the Center of the Bishopric of Nice, and at 17:00, I heard on the radio the news announcing the tragedy. I was upset, I called on my mobile phone my father in Romania and there too, they just heard the terrifying news. Claudiu arrived for the first time in the States on August, 22, only three weeks before...I remember how I was trembling and how I was impatient to be at home to see the TV news. I was deeply shocked by the images, I cried, and cried...My mother did not stop telling me on phone that the TV news had showed people in Palestina being delighted about... I was stunned. 
Today, I realize that time is nothing, my emotion is effectively alike. 
I put on a blue dress, the one I wore when I registered Claudiu for the College, and when I went in Romania to bring him in France. I have around my neck the small blue crystal, a gift from Ketric.
Especially at these moments, I want to be in a symbolic way with that country - and this not only because now my children live there... I simply belong to one of the nations which dreamed too long of America, and hurt dreams need solidarity to heal.

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